Top Countries in Asia for Passionate Gamblers

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Gambling is a very popular pastime in the modern world. There are many reasons for this. Entertainment is the main reason, however. Different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles exist around the globe. Most people admit to enjoying gambling games such as poker, slots, and roulette.

People also enjoy traveling. All of us have the desire to travel the world and see many places. We are often limited by time and circumstances that make it impossible to travel as much as our hearts desire. Every trip you plan must be flawless. If you love gambling, Asia is the place for you.

It is not our intention to suggest that the countries on this list can only provide entertainment. These countries also have rich traditions and histories, many monuments to see, beautiful views, and so on. These places are worth visiting, even if the day is over. We have highlighted five Asian casino destinations that are worth your attention. Each will provide you with a memorable and enjoyable gambling experience.


Many will agree that Macau is Asia’s gambling capital. One thing is certain. You’ve probably fantasized about visiting Las Vegas, one of the most famous casinos in the world. Macau is Asia’s Las Vegas, or at least that’s what many people believe.

Another reason you will be surprised is the wide variety of choices. You can play different games at casinos such as MGM, Grand Lisboa and The Venetian. There are smaller casinos that offer the same entertainment but fewer games. These can be great for players who prefer to play in peace and quiet. However, we cannot guarantee that you will find the same in larger ones.


Most people who have been to Thailand would be surprised that this country is included on this list.Thailand’s gambling laws are quite specific. Due to government laws. The casino relies heavily on tourists. But that doesn’t mean gambling has become a non-popular pastime. Online casinos at will be more popular with all citizens of the state. There are many options for them when it comes to casino sites. Online casinos offer a variety of games, decent bonuses and attractive designs.


Remember the Macau comment? We can now say that the Philippines is gradually becoming the largest competitor. The Resorts World Manila is a good example. It is the most visited casino resort, welcoming thousands of players every day. It is also the first to open in this country. There are nearly 300 live gaming tables and more than 1500 machines.

You can still visit other resorts with the same quality. Resorts World Bayshore and City of Dreams are just a few of the places worth your attention.


Although we don’t want to deny that there are many casinos, it is not true. We believe that everyone will agree on the importance of quality over quantity. We will still need to emphasize this point.

We recommend that you investigate the Singapore gambling laws. You won’t be able to travel to certain places if you don’t have the necessary documents to prove your identity. You will need to pay a fee for most casinos. The fee may not exceed $150 per day in some cases. You can pay a yearly fee, which is usually around $3000.

South Korea

Gambling is prohibited, it’s true. This rule applies only to local players. You have the right to visit the most prestigious casinos in the world if you are visiting the country as a tourist.

Paradise Walker Hill Casino is a popular casino in Seoul. Although the casino isn’t huge, you can enjoy different games such as Blackjack, Roullete and Tai-Sai.


Las Vegas is a great place to visit, but it’s not the only one. You will find that there are many countries in Asia that can provide you with great gambling experiences. The future of Asian gambling is in countries like Macau, Malaysia, and the Philippines. What do you think? Which one seems the most appealing?

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